We have several projects in development this month.

  1. We are currently designing infographics and illustrations for JBsquared.
  2. We are in the Pre-Production phase for a short film we wrote and will produce, entitled "Say Something". We are currently looking for investors, cast, as well as finalizing the script and locations.
  3. We are currently in development with the DC Police Foundation to develop a show for broadcast television. It will be a crime prevention program where residents can call in to give tips and receive rewards for helping solve crimes in the DC Metro area. DC Police Foundation.
  4. Presently in the pre-production phase, Sepulveda Films is creating corporate branding, web design and ultimately an informercial for Finger Relief.

Jbsquared, an up-and-coming software and video game development company has hired us to design their logo, various infographics, and illustrations for their exciting and innovative products. JBsquared offers everything from innovative API's, web design, to cloud services.

Angel has written a short film based on a homeless veteran and a young woman searching for an answer to the most challenging chess game of her life. We are in the process of finalizing the script, getting cast and crew and funds to make this emotional and inspriational story.

The Honorable Judge John Choate has developed an ingenius alternative to the QWERTY keyboard. His company, "Finger Relief" hired us to design a new logo and is looking for a creative ad campaign and website.

Several years ago we filmed our first feature, College Park. We are hoping to film a few additional shots within the next few months. We will then start the final cut, effects and color correction as soon as possible. Our goal is to have a final product ready for market-sales within eight months.

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